California Defective Baby Products Lawyers

The biggest fear many Orange County parents have is that harm will come to their child in some form. Not all  types of harm come in the form of auto accidents, dog bites or abuse/sexual abuse. Many times a child can be injured due to defective or faulty products in the home. If this happens it behooves you to speak with an experienced child injury lawyer handling accident claims in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas.

No matter how big the company is that is responsible for the defective baby product that put your child at risk it is important to remember that you have rights and they need to be protected. The Cifarelli Law Firm, located in Irvine, CA,  wants you to know that your voice will be heard and they will hold the responsible parties accountable your child’s injuries, pain and suffering. Dial (949) 502-8600 for a free consultation.

Dangerous Baby Products Lawsuits

Few things are harder on a family than when an innocent and vulnerable baby is injured or killed by a product that is designed and marketed especially for them. Not only is an innocent child put in harm’s way, but the infant’s family are victimized as they experience the emotional torture of unknowingly putting their child at risk while attempting to provide them with everyday child-rearing essentials. If your child was injured or killed due to the negligence of the designer, manufacturer, importer, distributor or other parties responsible for a defective product, the responsible parties must be held accountable for the physical and emotional injuries they caused. The Newport Beach child injury lawyers at The Cifarelli Law Firm takes a compassionate approach to working with families who have lost infants or whose babies have suffered serious injuries.

Every year the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls millions of defective baby products that are designed and marketed specifically for children. Recalls have been issued for broken, faulty or harmful baby products that have caused the following injuries:

  1. Stroller Injuries
  2. Jogging Stroller Injuries
  3. Pillow Injuries
  4. Slipcover Injuries
  5. Pacifier Injuries
  6. Teething Ring Injuries
  7. Rattle Injuries
  8. Baby Crib Injuries
  9. Baby Crib Bumper Injuries
  10. Car Seat Injuries
  11. Booster Seats Injuries
  12. Baby Formula Injuries
  13. Baby Medicine Injuries
  14. Drop-Side Crib Injuries
  15. Sleep Positioner Injuries
  16. Crib Tent Injuries
  17. Bedside Sleeper Injuries
  18. Sling Carrier Injuries
  19. Walker Injuries
  20. Changing Table Injuries
  21. Baby Formula Injuries
  22. Baby Clothes/Shoes Injuries

Contact a Defective Baby Products Lawyer

Of course, filing a lawsuit against the parties responsible for injuring your child will not undo the damage that has been done. However, making these parties pay for their negligence may help ease your family’s pain and suffering and ultimately may result in getting these defective baby products off the market and prevent them from hurting any more innocent victims. Millions of Defective Baby Products are pulled from the market each year due to recalls by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Contact The Cifarelli Law Firm if an infant has been injured by a defective or unsafe baby product. Dial (949) 502-8600 for a free consultation.