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If you have turned on the television or enjoyed a film over the past few decades, there is a good chance that you have caught a glimpse of Newport Beach. Located in Orange County, this affluent community has been featured in a number of shows and films, including Arrested Development, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Cleopatra, and The O.C.

Many MTV shows and films also feature shots of this idyllic coastal city, including Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor.

There are many reasons why Newport Beach is a highly desired area. The career opportunities with big name employers are seemingly endless, the area enjoys a moderate Mediterranean climate and the city is loaded with fantastic recreational activities. Many of those living in the area also have a much higher expendable income than other cities in the United States, with a quarter of the population or more earning more than $200,000 per household.

Money Does Not Mean Better Healthcare Treatment

While Newport Beach is recognized as being a more upscale and prosperous city when compared to many others in California, those living within this city’s borders are still affected by the same ailments and medical injuries as anyone else throughout the state and nation.

To put medical negligence and malpractice in perspective, the Journal of the American Medical Association (also known as JAMA) published some key statistics regarding medical malpractice in the United States. Not only was over $3 billion spent in medical malpractice payouts in 2012, but medical negligence was the third leading cause of death in our nation.

Don’t Become a Victim – Make a Claim

In order to make a claim for medical negligence or malpractice:

  • There must have been a doctor-patient relationship
  • That the doctor had been negligent (being unhappy with your treatment or the results does not necessarily mean the doctor was negligent)
  • That negligence resulted in your injury
  • That the injury resulted in specific damages, including physician and mental pain, additional medical bills, lost wages, etc.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of medical malpractice, we at the Cifarelli Law Firm are here to give you a voice. We help our clients decide whether or not they have a claim and how much compensation they should be entitled to for their current and future injuries.

We encourage anyone who believes that they, or someone they know, has suffered from negligent medical errors to to discuss their legal options with one of our expert attorneys at (949) 502-8600.

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  5. Take exit 6 to merge onto I-405 S toward San Diego
  6. Keep left to stay on I-405 S
  7. Take exit 2 for California 133 N/California 133 S toward Laguna Beach/Laguna Cyn Road
  8. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for CA-133 N
  9. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for State 133 N and merge onto CA-133 N/State 133 N
  10. Use the middle lane to take exit 9 toward Barranca Pkwy
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