State legislators looking for ways to aid sexual harassment victims

This past year saw an unprecedented turn of events throughout all sectors of American society as the victims of sexual misconduct came forward to make their voices heard. Women and men went public with stories of sexual abuse and sexual harassment that prompted organized movements to change the “business as usual” atmosphere that encouraged silence … Continue reading "State legislators looking for ways to aid sexual harassment victims"

Walnut Creek Science Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault

A Walnut Creek science teacher has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault of two young children, arranging to meet a child for sex, and possession and distribution of child pornography, according to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office. Michael Bartel, a Walnut Creek Intermediate School teacher was charged with 16 counts, involving multiple … Continue reading "Walnut Creek Science Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault"

Santa Clara County Probation Department Counselor Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges

A former Santa Clara County Probation Department counselor was arrested last month on suspicion of sexual misconduct with two minors in the probation department. Sheriff’s deputies arrested 36-year-old Tricia Caparra. The arrest capped an investigation that began a year ago after one of the alleged victims came forward, according to county officials. Caparra allegedly had … Continue reading "Santa Clara County Probation Department Counselor Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges"

Why Our Playgrounds Have Not Become Safer

The sun is almost always shining here in Southern California, which is why our playgrounds are amongst the busiest in the country. Playgrounds should be a safe place where our children can work off some much needed energy, interact with other kids, and explore new ideas and equipment. Unfortunately, playgrounds are not always the safest […]

FAQs About Wrongful Death of a Child Claims

The unexpected passing of anyone is painful, but the death of a child can be especially harrowing. Parents are often left with many questions, and here we will try to cover the most common legal questions in this quick FAQ. Are Parents Able to Sue for the Wrongful Death of a Child? In the state […]

Snapchat Videos Show Nursing Home Abuse of Elderly Patients

The advent of social media networks has apparently sparked a new type of mistreatment in nursing homes, as incidents of mistreatment appear in videos uploaded or shared by nursing center workers. Some of the shared content apparently shows dehumanizing photos or videos of elderly residents without their consent. The objectionable content not only violates patient […]

Man Dies in Drowning Accident at Actress’s Beverly Hills Home

Actress Demi Moore returned from a foreign trip to learn that a drowning accident had happened at her home while she was away. Police said that a 21-year old guest of the actress’s assistant was pronounced dead after he was pulled out of the pool where he had been for an estimated 10 to 15 […]

Potential Burn Injury Arising from Recalled Home Equipment

A giant retailer of home improvement goods in the United States recently admitted that it continued to sell products even after they were recalled for various faults, including those which could cause burn injury. The products include specific brands of:  Garage door openers Electric welding torches Electric blower vacuums Electric ranges with defective burners Emergency […]

NHL Sued for Brain Injury of Former Player

The family of a former NHL player recently filed a lawsuit against the NHL for failing to keep the former player safe, and for the league’s failure to inform him of the permanent consequences of brain injury to which players like him are regularly exposed. This lawsuit comes about a year after over 200 former […]

Study Finds Child Molestation More Prevalent in Disadvantaged Communities

A common perception when it comes to child abuse is that step children are more susceptible to being abused by their non-biological parent than a biological parent. One recent case here in California, the People v. Poletti, only added to this belief. The step daughter of the defendant in the case accused her step father, […]

One Fatal Motorcycle Crash Leaves a Second Rider Injured

Yet another young life of a motorcyclist was claimed on California’s roadways in late October of 2015, while another was left injured after the crash. Anthony Terrones from Lompoc, California was riding his 2003 Honda motorcycle southbound from Highway 1 to US 101 on October 30th when he collided with a 2015 Chevrolet Impala, and […]

Prosecutors Not Charging Caitlyn Jenner in February Car Accident

In late September, California prosecutors announced that they would not be charging Caitlyn Jenner for her involvement in a fatal multi-vehicle wreck earlier this year. Jenner could have faced misdemeanor manslaughter charges in connection with the February 2015 accident. Authorities were investigating the accident, which claimed the life of Kim Howe, 69, who died when […]